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#SmartphoneHazard: Kids at Risk of Screen Addiction and Health Issues 😔

In today's digital era, smartphones have become a ubiquitous presence in everyone's hands—from toddlers to retirees. However, the excessive use of smartphones is not just a way to pass time but is turning into an addiction for many, especially among children. Experts are increasingly warning about the multitude of problems resulting from excessive smartphone use. Recent studies, including one from Finland, have shed light on the concerning trends among children who extensively use the internet and smartphones. These kids are at a higher risk of skipping school, and the distraction of games and social media is a significant factor. The study published in the 'Archives of Disease in Childhood' highlights that children who spend hours on their smartphones tend to neglect essential activities like sleeping, eating, and exercising. Eye problems and mental health issues are also on the rise among these young users. The alarming rate at which these problems are escalating has parents and educators worried. It's crucial to address this issue by regulating screen time and ensuring children engage in balanced activities to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.


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