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Khushbu's Emotional Appeal to Sundar C Before Their Marriage 💔

Khushbu, once a leading actress in the South Indian film industry, has made headlines not just for her cinematic roles but also for her poignant personal life. In a recent heartfelt interview, her husband, Sundar C, a noted actor and director, shared an emotional moment from their past that is now stirring hearts on social media.

Before their marriage, Khushbu faced a health crisis that led to a doctor informing them she could not have children. Distraught by the news, Khushbu tearfully suggested that Sundar should marry someone else who could give him children. Despite the devastating prognosis, Sundar chose to stay with Khushbu, affirming his love for her transcended the desire for biological children.

This story took a hopeful turn when, against all odds, the couple was blessed with two daughters, Avantika and Anandita, whom they regard as miracles. Sundar C's recount of this story not only highlights their strong bond but also emphasizes the depth of their commitment to each other, regardless of life's challenges.