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Kantara A Legend: Rishab Shetty's Massive Plan for Revolutionary Filmmaking! 🎥✨

Director Rishab Shetty, already acclaimed for his work in 'Kantara', is now gearing up to redefine cinematic benchmarks with 'Kantara A Legend'.

After the phenomenal success of the first chapter, Shetty is not just aiming to continue the saga but elevate it to legendary status.

The planning and effort behind this upcoming sequel are astonishing. Set in the lush locales of Kundapura, the sets spanning 200 square feet are witnessing the assembly of a 600-strong team.

Rishab Shetty himself is taking horse riding and Kalaripayattu training to ensure authenticity and raw power in his performance.

Moreover, the team is upgrading their technical capabilities, setting up air-conditioned sets, and even ensuring on-site dubbing and editing facilities. Shetty's single-minded goal is to demonstrate to the world the standards Indian cinema is capable of achieving.