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BandlaGaneshAccused: Case Filed Over Property Dispute

In a surprising turn of events, film producer Bandla Ganesh has been accused of trying to forcefully take over a property worth Rs. 75 crores. The property, located in Film Nagar, is allegedly owned by Heera Group CEO Nowhera Shaik, who has lodged a complaint with the Film Nagar police station.

According to Nowhera Shaik, Bandla Ganesh, who has been residing in her house on a rental basis, is now attempting to seize the property using forged documents and engaging in unsociable activities. She claimed that when she approached the house to ask Ganesh to vacate, she was threatened and physically restrained.

Despite her complaints, local police initially did not take any action, prompting Shaik to escalate the matter to the DGP. Following a higher authority's intervention, the Film Nagar Police have now registered a case against Ganesh under IPC sections 341 and 506, reflecting serious charges including wrongful restraint and criminal intimidation.

Nowhera Shaik further alleges that Ganesh has not paid the monthly rent of lakhs of rupees for some time and has been using the support of rowdies and political figures to threaten her, making it impossible for her to even enter her own property.