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YS Jagan's Warm Gesture to a Student During Bus Yatra Turns Heads!

In a heartwarming incident during his statewide bus tour named "We Are Ready," Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and YSRCP leader, YS Jaganmohan Reddy, made headlines for his kind gesture towards a young student. Amidst the scorching heat and a packed schedule, CM Jagan's bus yatra is receiving an unexpected yet overwhelming response from people of all ages.

During one of the stops on Sunday, as the bus journey was in full swing, a student's loud calls for "Jagan uncle" caught everyone's attention. Pausing the journey, CM Jagan stepped down from the bus and affectionately kissed the student on the forehead, creating a memorable moment not just for the child but for everyone present. The CM didn't stop there; he also mingled with other children, bringing joy and excitement to the young faces around him. The images and videos of this endearing interaction quickly went viral across political circles.

As part of the bus tour, CM Jagan also held a massive public meeting at Konakamitla Junction in Prakasam district. He criticized Chandrababu Naidu, calling him "the biggest sadist" for not working towards the betterment of the poor. Challenging Naidu's contributions, Jagan questioned the audience if they could recall even a single welfare scheme initiated by the former CM. Proudly, Jagan claimed that his government has successfully implemented 99% of the promises made in their manifesto, demonstrating their commitment to the welfare of the state's poor. Amidst the electoral battle, he urged everyone to stand ready to counter the opposition alliances that aim to hinder the progress and future of the underprivileged.