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No Relief for MLC Kavitha in Delhi Liquor Scam Case..

The Delhi liquor scam case continues to stir up a storm in political circles. It's widely known that Delhi CM Kejriwal and BRS MLC Kavitha were arrested in connection with this case. Recently, a sensational verdict came from the Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi on Kavitha’s interim bail petition, which was outright denied.

Kavitha had filed the petition seeking bail citing her young son's examinations. Her side was represented by Abhishek Singhvi, who presented arguments in her favor. However, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) opposed granting bail, arguing that it could lead to tampering with the evidence. The ED also presented crucial evidence alleging that Kavitha had intimidated an approver. Subsequently, the court dismissed the interim bail petition. Since her arrest on March 26, Kavitha has been lodged in Tihar Jail. Her judicial remand is set to conclude tomorrow.

Previously, heated arguments took place in the Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi on April 4 regarding Kavitha’s interim bail petition. Senior advocate Abhishek Singhvi represented Kavitha, while ED was represented by advocate Zoheb Hossen. The court considered one petition for interim bail due to her son's exams and another for regular bail as the ED custody had ended. Singhvi argued for bail, highlighting the exams of Kavitha’s son. However, the court postponed the regular bail arguments to April 20.

The ED's lawyer accused MLC Kavitha of being a key conspirator in the Delhi liquor scam and argued against granting bail, suggesting that it could compromise the integrity of evidence and witnesses. It was alleged that Kavitha had deleted all data from her phone. The ED claimed that Kavitha handed over 10 phones during the investigation, all of which were formatted. After notices were issued, it was alleged that four more phones were formatted. ED's JD Bhanupriya Meena presented these details directly to Judge Kaveri Baweja, arguing that the exams cited as a reason for seeking interim bail had already concluded for some subjects.

Kavitha was arrested by ED officials in Hyderabad on March 15 in connection with the Delhi liquor scam and was interrogated for 10 days under ED custody. Currently, Kavitha is in Tihar Jail.


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