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Chaos in AP Congress Over Ticket Distribution

The ticket distribution issue has hit a fever pitch not only within the TDP, Janasena, and BJP alliance but has now also engulfed the Andhra Pradesh Congress.

A similar scene unfolded in Rajahmundry, East Godavari district, where a warm gathering organized by Congress MP candidate Gidugu Rudraraju with leaders of the India alliance turned sour. Participants from Anaparthy and Rajanagaram expressed their anger at the event. They were upset for not receiving tickets despite their hard work for the Congress during tough times. Their grievances were openly aired in the presence of Gidugu Rudraraju.

However, Gidugu Rudraraju tried to pacify the situation by assuring everyone that they would move forward together and achieve good results in the elections. He also mentioned that several leaders would be brought in for campaigning, indicating an effort to mollify the agitated party workers and unify the party ranks ahead of the polls.


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