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UniqueBankAlert: Explore the International SitaRam Bank in Ayodhya! 🏦✨

Welcome to a truly unique banking experience at the International SitaRam Bank, located in the sacred city of Ayodhya! Founded in 1970, this bank offers a spiritual twist to traditional banking. Unlike any regular bank, here, devotees can open an account only after writing "SitaRam" 500,000 times in a special booklet. This ritualistic approach makes it a standout feature among global banking systems.

As of today, the bank boasts over 35,000 account holders spread across the globe, from India to the USA, UK, Canada, Nepal, Fiji, and the UAE. With the recent prana pratishtha (consecration) of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, the bank has seen a significant influx of devotees eager to secure their spiritual and financial future under the revered name of Lord Ram.

What's even more fascinating? The bank holds an impressive collection of over 20,000 crore SitaRam booklets, contributed by the devotees over the years. Each new account holder receives a complimentary booklet and a red pen, and once they complete the monumental task of writing SitaRam 500,000 times, their account is activated with the issuance of a passbook. The International SitaRam Bank now operates 136 branches worldwide, reflecting its broad appeal and divine commitment.