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Actor Maharshi Raghava, Who Donated Blood For The 100th Time In Chiranjeevi Blood Bank,🩸

For over 26 years, Chiranjeevi Blood Bank in the Telugu states has been a lifeline for millions, offering free blood supplies and saving countless lives. Established by megastar Chiranjeevi, the bank thrives largely on the robust support from thousands of ardent fans. Among these generous donors, actor Maharshi Raghava stands out, especially as he recently made his 100th blood donation—a milestone in the realm of voluntary service.

The first person to donate blood when Chiranjeevi Blood Bank commenced on October 2, 1998, was Murali Mohan, with Maharshi Raghava being the second. This landmark 100th donation was promised by Chiranjeevi himself to attend, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he was in Chennai. Upon his return to Hyderabad, he specially invited Maharshi Raghava to his home to honor him.

Alongside, Murali Mohan, who had also donated blood for the first time during the same event, was also commemorated. Maharshi Raghava's wife, Shilpa Chakravarti, along with the bank's CFO Shekhar and COO Ramanaswamy Naidu under the supervision of Medical Officer Dr. Anusha, were all part of this commendable event. Chiranjeevi took this opportunity to reminisce about working with Shilpa in the movie 'Aapadbandhavudu'. Chiranjeevi’s recognition of Maharshi Raghava not just as a donor but as a significant pillar of the community underscores the critical role voluntary blood donations play in saving lives.