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The Place That Still Haunts Salman Khan 🎭

In a recent emotional revelation during an interview on the popular TV show 'Aap Ki Adalat', Bollywood star Salman Khan opened up about a location that continues to haunt him to this day. This comes amidst heightened security around Salman’s residence after two assailants fired at his home early Sunday morning. The incident caused a stir in Bollywood, leading to a rapid response from Mumbai police, who have already apprehended two suspects. Salman discussed his ongoing distress about a past incident from 2002 where he was involved in a hit-and-run case in Bandra, Mumbai. Despite his claims of sitting in the back seat and not driving, the event left a deep mark on him. "Every time I pass by the location, I am filled with pain and anxiety. It's a scar that doesn’t seem to heal," Salman expressed during the show. The recent attack has only intensified these feelings, with the alleged involvement of the Bishnoi gang, who have targeted him over past wildlife offenses. As the investigation continues, the incident and Salman’s emotional interview are being widely shared and discussed across social platforms.