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MysteryAttacks: Unraveling the Glass Shattering Spree in Banjara and Jubilee Hills 🕵️‍♂️💥

In recent weeks, the posh areas of Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad have been witnessing a bizarre series of attacks on store windows. According to local police, there have been several reports of glass storefronts being mysteriously shattered. Just last night, two more incidents were reported under the Banjara Hills police jurisdiction, raising concerns among shop owners and local residents. The latest episode occurred at a restaurant named Jauk on Banjara Hills Road No. 2. Eyewitnesses were startled as the establishment's glass windows suddenly crumbled during the busy evening hours. Initially, it was thought to be an accident, but with the increasing frequency of such incidents across different locations, police suspect deliberate vandalism.

The method of the attacks has puzzled authorities. No stones or heavy objects were found at the scenes, leading investigators to speculate the use of sophisticated means like air guns. The ongoing investigation is focused on examining CCTV footage around affected areas to identify the culprits behind these attacks.