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"#ManjummelBoys OTT Release Locked In! 🎬🍿"

The wave of Malayalam cinema is sweeping through the Indian film industry, capturing audiences across various linguistic spectrums, including Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada. Films like "Premalu" and "Bhramayugam" have already set box office records in Telugu. Now, the latest sensation, "Manjummel Boys," has shattered Malayalam cinema records by grossing over ₹230 crores, marking it as the highest-earning Malayalam movie ever. Its success in Telugu regions is also noteworthy.

The much-awaited OTT release date for "Manjummel Boys" has been officially announced. As the movie continues its theatrical run, it's set to debut on Disney+ Hotstar on May 3rd. The film will be available in multiple languages, including Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada, allowing a broader audience to enjoy this blockbuster.

Directed by Chidambar P Poduval, the movie features a stellar ensemble cast including Shobun Shahir, Srinath Basi, Balu Varghese, Ganapathi S, Junior Lal, Deepak, Arun, and Abhiram. The storyline, based on true events, follows a group of friends from Kerala on an adventurous trip to a dangerous cave in Kodaikanal. The dramatic rescue of a friend who accidentally falls into the cave forms the core narrative of "Manjummel Boys."