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Andhra Alliance Turmoil Coalition Parties Clash!

In Andhra Pradesh, the anticipated electoral coalition of three political parties has been shaken by internal conflicts, as each party attempts to assert its dominance. The coalition, which includes the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and Jana Sena, is witnessing escalating tensions, particularly during the campaign period. Recently, clashes have been reported in Nandyal district between different factions within TDP itself, as well as between TDP, BJP, and Jana Sena over campaigning territories.

In Nandyal, the situation escalated into physical confrontations involving stones and sticks between two TDP factions led by Kotla and Dharmavaram Subbareddy. In a separate incident, Jana Sena leaders faced outright hostility when TDP leaders issued directives not to attend their campaign events in certain areas.

The conflicts reached a peak in Visakhapatnam's Bhimili constituency, where Jana Sena leaders were forcibly removed from a TDP campaign vehicle, highlighting the intense struggle for control over campaign narratives. Such incidents of discord among the coalition partners are raising concerns about the stability and unity of the alliance as election day approaches.