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Ys Sunitha Reddy Counter To Jagan Comments

Do you know the meaning of little boy? Sunitha Reddy, daughter of late YS Vivekananda Reddy asked.

* Chinnanna is said to mean father after father.

* Is it fair to blame the little daughter? Sunita Reddy asked.

* Did he at least respond if he was roaming around the court and the police? He asked.

* God knows who killed Viveka Chinnanna? Jagan says that the people of the district know. Anna Jagan.. do you know the value of bonds? I fight for justice.. you fight for positions. If the child dies, should I be charged and prosecuted without conspiracy? Even though you have been in the government for 5 years, you are talking like the opposition. Is this fair?' said Sunita Reddy.