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BRS MLA Kadiyam Srihari And His Daughter Kavya To Join In Congress Party

BRS party led by KCR is facing successive setbacks. MP K Keshavrao and Hyderabad Mayor Gadwala Vijayalakshmi have already announced that they are leaving the BRS party and joining the Congress party. Recently, another BRS senior leader, MLA Kadiam Srihari and Warangal BRS MP candidate Kadiam Kavya resigned from the party. BRS chief Kavya has written a poetic letter to KCR saying that he is leaving Warangal Bari. He thanked BRS for giving him the opportunity to compete. He said that recent media reports, corruption, land grabs, phone tapping, liquor scams have degraded the image of the party. He said there was a lack of coordination and cooperation among the district leaders. He said that the party leaders are acting as if they belong to someone. Kavya said that she has decided to withdraw from the competition under these circumstances. In that letter, Kavya stated that BRS chief KCR and activists should forgive him. Meanwhile, along with Kadyam Srihari, Kavya is also likely to join the Congress party tomorrow i.e. Friday.