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Why is Telangana CM Revanth Reddy Avoiding the Secretariat? 🏛️✨

Hey friends! There’s been some intriguing buzz around Telangana politics lately. Have you noticed that Chief Minister Revanth Reddy has been steering clear of the Secretariat? Instead, he’s been holding important reviews at the Police Command and Control Center. Everyone’s talking about it, and there’s speculation that it’s due to vastu (traditional Indian architectural principles). Let’s dive into the details!

Recently, CM Revanth Reddy decided to make changes to the Secretariat. Rumors are that the main entrance for the CM’s convoy will be shifted to the West Gate, while the East Gate will be used for the CM's exit. Meanwhile, IAS and IPS officers will continue to use the East Gate for entry. The iconic Lion Gate has been closed as part of these changes.

Since becoming the CM, Revanth Reddy has been making significant changes, much like when he first took charge as PCC President and altered Gandhi Bhavan according to vastu principles. This move has led to increased speculation about the reasons behind these changes.

Over the past week, CM Revanth Reddy has conducted major reviews from the Integrated Command and Control Center in Banjara Hills. Instead of the Secretariat, important meetings and reviews have been happening either from his residence or the ICCC. Just today, he held two significant reviews from the ICCC. While it's common to handle disaster management and flood reviews from the ICCC, it’s unusual to conduct agriculture and cooperative department reviews from there, fueling more rumors.

Inside the Secretariat, there are reports of changes being made as well. Ministers and officials have long complained that the Secretariat is cramped and inconvenient. This, along with the belief that the Secretariat is not suitable for reviews, has led to speculation about internal modifications. It’s said that CM Revanth Reddy is making changes to the CM chamber that was previously used by former CM KCR, addressing both practical and vastu concerns.

On Monday, after a review meeting, CM Revanth Reddy went to Ravindra Bharathi for an event but returned to the ICCC for an agriculture review instead of going to the Secretariat. This move has given more weight to the ongoing speculation. Now, everyone is watching to see how the CMO responds and what explanations will be given.