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Schools Reopening On June 13 In AP, Orders Released

Hey everyone! 📢 Andhra Pradesh schools will reopen a day later than planned for the 2024-25 academic year. Originally set to start on June 12, the reopening has been postponed to June 13 due to the swearing-in ceremony of the new Chief Minister, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, on the same day. The Education Department has declared a holiday for all schools on Wednesday. 🏫

Students, take note! Schools will now reopen on Thursday. Last year, students received education kits, including textbooks and uniforms, on the first day. This year, the distribution of these kits might be delayed due to the new government's policies. 📚

The Education Department has prepared 3.6 million education kits, which include all subject textbooks, TOEFL workbooks, future skills subject books, three sets of uniform cloth, school bags, belts, and Oxford dictionaries. For grades 1 to 5, workbooks and pictorial dictionaries are included, while grades 6 to 10 receive notebooks. 📖

Additionally, the textbooks have been updated to bilingual formats, and grade 10 has shifted to English medium. The covers for grades 3 to 10 textbooks have also been redesigned. This year, 1,000 government schools have transitioned to the CBSE curriculum. 🌟

The social studies textbooks for grade 10 now follow the NCERT syllabus, divided into geography, economics, history, and democratic politics. Physical science textbooks are printed on art paper for the first time. The government has introduced future skills courses for grade 8 students, and new policies might bring more changes to the education system this year. 🏫✏️