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Watch when you are alone.. Two girls' noise..

Hundreds of movies are available in OTT. While new movies are being released in theaters every week, tens of movies are being released in OTT and are impressing the audience. Many types of movies are already popular in OTTs. Netizens are showing interest in watching thriller and horror movies. Also, there is good demand for romantic movies in OTT. Many types of romantic movies are already entertaining the audience in OTT. In this sequence, a romantic movie is now rocking the OTT. All those who have seen this movie are saying that this is not a movie. That movie is in that range.. It is very common to be born between a boy and a girl. But two girls falling in love is a bit of a variety.

Many movies have already come out on the concept of two girls falling in love. Earlier Ram Gopal Varma also made a similar movie with Apsarani. Now the romantic movie that is popular in OTT is next level. In this movie, a girl is a singer in a night club. Another girl is in creative field. These two meet by chance.. and love each other at first sight. Then the words meet. Unexpectedly, love blossoms between these two. Both of them go into a live-in relationship. The love between these two will grow further. Love grows so much that they cannot leave each other. Later there will be conflicts between these two. Fights start. The singer girl.. that creative field beats the girl.. and keeps her away. Don't touch me and fight so much. But what happened between these two? Why did these two fight? Did you meet later? What actually happened should be seen in the movie itself. There are also many romantic scenes in this movie. So can't watch with family.. better to watch this movie alone.. This movie is called Duck Butter. Streaming on popular OTT company Netflix.