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Is Mahesh Babu acting as Krishna in Kalki?!

Kalki 2898 AD is currently approaching the box office. Released on June 27, the film has collected more than 700 crores so far. It has touched break even in almost all areas. Pan India Box Office is running fast. Soon it will join the 1000 crore club. However, after the film became such a huge success, director Nagi recently came forward to the media. He gave a shocking answer to a reporter's question asking him how it would have been if Mahesh Babu had played the role of Krishna. Nettinta is now going viral with his answers.

And the release of After Kalki... Everyone is of the opinion that it would have been better if Mahesh Babu did the cameo of Krishna in this movie. This has been turned into a discussion on social media. Some of them posted that Mahesh is going to appear as Lord Krishna in part 2. With this, the reporters questioned Director Nagy, who came to the media recently, on this matter.