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This Summer India's Most Searched Vacation Spots Revealed! 🌞🏖️

Summer is here, and it's the time when families and friends plan their getaways to cool off and create memories. According to MakeMyTrip, the trend for family vacations has increased by 20% this year, compared to the single travelers segment, which saw a rise of 10%. People are picking destinations within their budget and making advance bookings to enjoy their favorite spots.

The top searched locations on MakeMyTrip's website reveal Goa at the top of the list. Following closely are serene places like Ayodhya, Lakshadweep, and Nandi Hills, marking them as prime choices for domestic travelers. This March-April data of 2024 shows a significant preference change among Indian tourists compared to the same period last year.

Interestingly, while Puri and Varanasi remain popular for spiritual trips during summer, searches for Ayodhya have surged, indicating a rising interest in this historic city. The infographic released by MakeMyTrip highlights that while international spots like Luxembourg, Langkawi, and Antalya remain popular, destinations like Baku, Almaty, and Nagoya are gaining traction among Indian travelers. Rajesh Magow, Co-founder and Group CEO of MakeMyTrip, stated that this year's search trends for summer destinations have significantly increased compared to last year.