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"Jai Hanuman" Director Prasanth Varma's Bollywood Leap! 🚀

Prasanth Varma, the talented director known for hits like "Zombie Reddy" and "Hanuman," is gearing up to release his next film, "Jai Hanuman." Following the blockbuster success of "Hanuman," expectations are sky-high for "Jai Hanuman." However, there's buzz that Prasanth Varma might not be seen in Telugu cinema for a while after this.

Reports suggest that the young director has already given the green signal to a few Bollywood projects. Notably, he is set to direct a film starring Ranveer Singh, tentatively titled "Brahma Rakshas." The storyline has already been finalized, and Ranveer Singh has reportedly given his nod to the project. A major Bollywood production house is backing this film with a substantial budget.

Even if "Jai Hanuman" is a medium-range hit, "Brahma Rakshas" is expected to commence without delay. Bollywood media circles are abuzz with the possibility of an official announcement soon. "Brahma Rakshas" will be produced in Hindi and dubbed into all South Indian languages, along with international releases. While the genre remains unclear, Prasanth Varma's unique filmmaking style is sure to make it a standout.

So, once "Jai Hanuman" hits the screens, Prasanth Varma is all set to raise his flag in Bollywood. If "Brahma Rakshas" succeeds, and his subsequent films perform well, we might not see Prasanth Varma returning to Telugu cinema for a while!