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Sree Leela Prefers Quality Over Quantity in Tollywood🎥✨

Last year, Sree Leela made waves in the Telugu film industry with a flurry of movie announcements, making 2023 a year dominated by her. After achieving a massive success with the movie "Dhamaka," she continued to give established actresses a run for their money with a series of hit films, cementing her place as a top heroine.

However, not everything was smooth sailing. Despite the successes, Sree Leela faced setbacks with movies like "Adikeshava" and "Extraordinary Man," which didn't perform as expected, leading her to refocus on the quality of the movies she chooses to work on.

Her latest hit, "Guntur Karam," proves her strategy is working, with the actress now putting more emphasis on the content and significance of her roles. 

It's reported she's being extra cautious with her next projects, even turning down "Tillu Square," a film initially offered to her before Anupama took over. 

Rumors suggest that Sree Leela stepped away from "Tillu Square" due to its focus on glamour and lip-lock scenes, opting for roles that better align with her career vision.