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Every Day a New Highlight: People's Embrace of CM Jagan's Bus Tour..

On its 9th day, CM Jagan's bus tour has become a daily spectacle in Andhra Pradesh, now making waves in Nellore district. Scheduled to address a gathering in Kavali this afternoon, CM Jagan continues to draw massive crowds, with every district and village showing overwhelming support. From Kadapa to Nellore, the tour sees an outpouring of affection and enthusiasm, with people showering flowers and showcasing their admiration at every stop.

Videos posted by CM Jagan on Twitter vividly capture his connection with the people, attracting viewers far and wide. The tour is marked by heartwarming interactions, selfies, and candid conversations, making every moment special and memorable.

From a young man's eager attempt for a selfie with Jagan, promptly facilitated by the CM himself, to intimate moments shared with differently-abled individuals and the elderly, the tour is a series of touching episodes. In one instance, a Muslim man shared his grievances, receiving a compassionate response from the CM. A young girl affectionately calling Jagan "uncle" and a youth's determined chase for a selfie, only to be warmly accommodated by the CM, highlight the tour's emotional depth.