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SkullProtest: Farmers with Skulls and Bones Rally in Delhi!

In a dramatic display of protest, Tamil Nadu farmers have gathered at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, brandishing the skulls and bones of farmers who have allegedly committed suicide due to distress. These farmers are demanding a fair price for their crops and lament the unfulfilled promises of the Modi government which, back in 2019, vowed to double farmers' incomes but reportedly failed to deliver.

The leader of the National South Indian River Interlinking Farmers Association, Ayyakannu, condemned the lack of action on interlinking rivers which he argues would significantly benefit agricultural productivity. The farmers issued a stark warning: if their demands continue to be ignored, they will contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections against Prime Minister Modi in Varanasi.

“We are not against Modi or any party; we just want his assistance," said Ayyakannu, emphasizing that their protest is not politically motivated but a plea for survival. Despite initial police resistance, the farmers managed to secure permission for their protest through the courts, asserting their democratic right to dissent.