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"Yearly Wedding Rumors: Anjali Shares Her Ordeal!👰💔"

Actress Anjali, starring in the newly released movie "Geethanjali Malli Vachindi," recently addressed ongoing rumors about her personal life during an appearance on the show "Alitho Saradaga" Season 2. Known for her dynamic roles and candid presence, Anjali discussed how her name has been linked with various fictitious weddings each year, particularly around the time her movies are set to release.

Anjali's Journey and Career Reflections: Anjali reminisced about her 18-year long career, noting that "Geethanjali" was her first female-oriented film which brought her significant recognition. Almost a decade later, she's back with a sequel, "Geethanjali Malli Vachindi," which she enjoyed making as much as the original. She revealed how the storyline was pitched to her by director Kona during "Nishabdam," but took time to materialize.

Addressing the Wedding Rumors: With a chuckle, Anjali shared, "Every year, as if by schedule, rumors about my marriage start circulating. Sometimes it's a businessman, other times a senior producer. It's become a yearly routine that there's a fictional wedding of mine taking place. I've noticed this pattern where such rumors conveniently start just before my movie releases."