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Ravi Kishan's Alleged Secret Marriage Drama Unfolds as Woman Claims to Be His Wife🗳️

Actor and MP Ravi Kishan, widely recognized for his role in the movie "Race Gurram," has been caught in a fresh controversy.

A woman named Aparna Thakur stepped forward claiming to be his wife, stirring up significant media attention. She alleged that they were secretly married and even have a daughter together. According to Thakur, they married back in 1996, and Kishan has been in touch with them all these years. The daughter, now 15, mentioned she only learned recently that Kishan is her father, having previously known him as "uncle". She met Kishan’s family but claimed that he never publicly acknowledged her as his daughter. The story has become a sensational topic in cinema and political circles, especially with upcoming elections, putting the spotlight on Ravi Kishan.