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"Aha OTT Platform to Launch New Web Series 'Rama of Ayodhya'

Get ready for a spiritual journey with the Aha OTT platform as they announce the launch of their brand-new web series, "Rama of Ayodhya," just in time for Sri Rama Navami celebrations on April 17th.

As Ayodhya decks up for the first celebrations after the 'Prana Pratistha' of Balarama, officials are expecting a massive turnout of devotees from across the nation.

To add to the fervor, the renowned documentary series filmed in Ayodhya following the 'Prana Pratistha' ceremony will make its debut. National Film Award winner Satyakashi Bhargava penned the storyline, while Krishna took on the directorial role, promising a series filled with devotion, drama, and deep cultural insights.

This launch is perfectly timed to coincide with the grand festivities at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya, which is being meticulously prepared to welcome thousands of devotees. The series is expected to attract a vast audience, drawing those interested in spiritual and cultural narratives. Aha officially announced this exciting news through their social media channels, stirring up anticipation among fans and cultural enthusiasts alike. 🎥✨