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Raj Tarun in Trouble: Girlfriend Files Complaint for Cheating 💔

Actor Raj Tarun finds himself in a difficult situation. Already struggling in his career, he is now facing personal turmoil as well. Lavanya, a young woman, has filed a complaint at Narsingi police station, alleging that Raj Tarun cheated her. She claims they have been in a relationship for 11 years and even secretly got married in a temple. 🌟

Lavanya alleges that Raj Tarun left her for a relationship with a film heroine. She also mentioned in her complaint that she has been receiving threats to leave Raj Tarun or face dire consequences. Lavanya added that she was unjustly implicated in a drugs case and spent 45 days in jail. She says Raj Tarun has been avoiding her for the past three months. 🚨