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No Increase in Regular Bus Fares, Confirms TSRTC 🚍

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has clarified that there is no truth to the ongoing rumors about an increase in regular bus fares. The TSRTC management has confirmed that regular fares remain unchanged. The recent adjustments made are only related to the toll charges on highways, following the central government's decision to hike toll charges. Consequently, the TSRTC has revised the toll cess included in tickets on routes with toll plazas. This revised toll cess came into effect from the 3rd of this month. However, there are no changes to ticket prices on regular routes without toll plazas.

The TSRTC has warned against the spread of misinformation on social media regarding an increase in regular bus fares. They emphasized that spreading false information intentionally is not in the public interest and tarnishes the reputation of the organization. The TSRTC, with the cooperation of the police department, will take legal action against those who disseminate misleading information that harms the organization's reputation.