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MBA Student Throws Newborn from Building in Kochi 🚨

In a horrifying incident from Kochi, Kerala, an MBA student wrapped her newborn in a parcel cover and threw it from her apartment building, leading to the infant's death. Early on Friday, around dawn, the 24-year-old woman, identified only as Vanishka, gave birth in the bathroom of her apartment in Vidyanagar, Panampilly Nagar. To keep her pregnancy a secret from her parents, she decided to dispose of the baby.

According to local sources, she wrapped the baby in an Amazon parcel cover and threw it off the balcony. Municipal workers discovered the baby's body around 8 AM, wrapped and discarded on the road, leading to immediate police notification. The police launched an investigation and reviewed CCTV footage from the building, confirming the act. The parcel's address helped in identifying the young woman.

Residents of the apartment complex claim that all 21 families living there had no pregnant women, suggesting that the women who recently left might have included pregnant individuals. The investigation continues, and the police have registered a murder case against the woman, who is also suspected of having been a victim of assault leading to the pregnancy.