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Kangana Ranaut's Angry Twitter Rant at Chandigarh Incident Supporters

🎬 Prominent Bollywood actress and MP Kangana Ranaut recently faced an unpleasant incident at the Chandigarh Airport. Kulwinder Kaur, a female officer of the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), allegedly slapped Kangana, causing a major stir. The CISF suspended Kulwinder Kaur and a police case was filed. The incident sparked widespread reactions, with some condemning Kaur’s actions while others supported her.

Kangana responded strongly on Twitter to those defending Kulwinder Kaur. She questioned, "Would you remain silent if rapes and murders happen?" Kangana emphasized that crimes are punished regardless of emotional or psychological reasons behind them.

“Criminals, be they rapists, murderers, or thieves, often cite emotional or financial reasons for their actions. But crimes cannot go unpunished. Supporting unlawful actions like touching or attacking someone without consent means you're okay with more serious crimes like rape and murder. Please focus on your mental health. Meditate and do yoga. Don’t carry the burden of negativity, hate, and jealousy. Free yourself from it,” Kangana posted.

Her post has since gone viral on social media. In defense of Kulwinder Kaur, singer Vishal Dadlani posted that he would help her find a good job if CISF dismisses her. Although Kangana did not mention any names directly, her post was aimed at such defenders.

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