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KamalHassan’s 2-Hour Songwriting Magic in 'Thug Life'! 🎵✨

Kamal Haasan is a multi-talented superstar, and his latest feat has just added another feather to his cap! Known for his deep involvement in all aspects of filmmaking, Kamal has recently showcased his incredible songwriting skills in the upcoming movie 'Thug Life,' directed by Mani Ratnam. This isn’t just any song; Kamal wrote, composed, and recorded it all within just two hours!

'Thug Life' is already under the spotlight for bringing Kamal and Mani Ratnam together after 35 years, and expectations are sky-high. The film, produced under Raj Kamal International Films and Madras Talkies, stars Trisha and Simbu in pivotal roles, with A.R. Rahman providing the musical score.

The buzz around Kamal Haasan’s quick-fire songwriting is huge, proving that his creativity knows no bounds. The song is anticipated to be a major highlight of the film, showcasing Kamal’s lyrical prowess and musical talent. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release to hear this masterpiece and see the magic that the Kamal-Ratnam duo brings to the big screen once again.