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Ranveer Singh TeamsUp With Hanuman Director for Next Blockbuster!

After the smashing success of the movie "Hanuman" this Sankranti, which made waves in both Tollywood and Bollywood, director Prashant Verma has become the talk of the town. His demand has skyrocketed, and as he busily prepares for the sequel "Jai Hanuman," a thrilling new opportunity has come his way. Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh is set to collaborate with the "Hanuman" director on an upcoming film, stirring up excitement among fans.

There's also buzz around the title of the movie, rumored to be "Rakshas," indicating a powerful narrative. The project has sparked immense interest, especially since Ranveer Singh is currently involved in back-to-back films, including the "Singam" series and "Don 3." This collaboration will follow his commitments to these high-profile projects.

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