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🗳️ How Votes are Counted After Elections in India!

Election results are a nail-biting experience! 😬 But ever wondered how those EVM votes get counted? Let's break it down for you in a simple way!

  1. After Casting Your Vote:

  • Once voting is done, the EVMs are sealed and transported to a safe location.

  • All EVMs from various polling booths are collected at a designated place called the ‘Counting Center.’

  1. Preparing for the Count:

  • At the counting center, election officers open the EVM seals and separate them into ‘Control Units’ and ‘Ballot Units.’

  • The ‘Control Unit’ is connected to a ‘Reading Machine’ that reads the votes cast in the EVM.

  1. Counting the Votes:

  • The votes read by the machine are noted on a ‘Counting Sheet.’

  • These votes are then matched with each candidate’s tally by the ‘Counting Officer’ in the presence of ‘Party Agents.’

  • Once the counting is completed, the ‘Counting Officer’ announces the results.

  1. VVPAT:

  • Since 2010, VVPAT (Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail) is used along with EVMs.

  • VVPAT prints a slip of the vote cast and stores it securely.

  • It helps verify the votes recorded in the EVM.

  1. Accuracy of EVM Counting:

  • EVMs reduce human error as they are electronic devices.

  • VVPATs are used to cross-check EVM recorded votes.

  • The counting process is supervised by the ‘Counting Officer,’ ‘Party Agents,’ and other officials.

This detailed and supervised process ensures that every vote is counted accurately and fairly! 🗳️