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🗽 India’s Own Statue of Liberty on Punjab Rooftop!

Hey everyone! 🌏 When we think of the Statue of Liberty, we usually think of New York, right? 🗽 But guess what? Now you don’t have to go all the way to the USA to see it! There's a Statue of Liberty right here in India, and it’s on a rooftop in Punjab! 🇮🇳

Located in Tarn Taran, this replica of the iconic American monument is drawing crowds. People are visiting just to take pictures with this unique rooftop decoration. A video of this statue has gone viral on social media, and it’s capturing everyone’s attention. 📸

They used a crane to place the statue on top of an apartment building. It looks just like the original Statue of Liberty in America! Netizens are thrilled and are leaving comments like, "This is the first time we’re seeing something like this on a rooftop in Punjab!" Others are saying that India has replicas of all famous statues from around the world. 🌍

Check it out if you’re in Punjab, and don’t forget to snap some cool pics! 📷✨