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Google Services Face Massive Outage Worldwide

😱📉 Hey folks! Big news! Google's services are down in many countries! People are facing issues with Google Search, Maps, YouTube, Google News, and Gmail. Reports from various places suggest a global outage, causing inconvenience for users everywhere. 🌍💻

According to Down Detector, a platform that tracks outages, the problems started around 6 PM on Friday. Over 1000 reports have poured in about issues with Google services, including Gmail, Search, and Maps. 🕕📊

Out of these, about 66% reported problems with the Google website, 21% had issues with Google Search, and 3% couldn't access Maps. Other services like Google News are also facing disruptions. 🗺️📧

Netizens have taken to Twitter to share their frustrations, posting screenshots and discussing the difficulties they're facing with Google Search, News, and more. It's trending everywhere! 📱🗣️