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Gold Chain Stolen From The Neck Of A Woman Sleeping Outside

Presently the sun is beating down. There is no going out after 10 am. In the background of the scorching sun, many people sleep outside in the cold air in the villages at night. If there is a good neem tree in front of the house.. they will sleep happily with the breeze coming from it. Otherwise they sleep on the terraces. This alert is for such people. Thieves are likely to become a summer target. Recently a similar incident came to light in Nalgonda district. Thieves took a leather rope from the neck of a woman who was sleeping outside the house. The incident took place in Indira Nagar under Motkur Municipality.

Gaddam Yadamma of Motkur was sleeping in her house premises on Thursday.. In the middle of the night, thugs robbed her of a 3-tula gold leather cord from her neck. In moments they knocked the gold from her neck and ran away. The victim complained to the police. The police have registered a case and are investigating.

In this order, the police suggest that people who sleep outside during summer should be alert. It is said that it is better not to wear gold and sleep outside. It is suggested not to keep money and jewelry at home. They say that if you have a lot of gold and money, you should keep it safe in banks. Interstate robbery gangs will be the summer target for thefts. They warn that attacks are also possible. If you see any strange people in the villages, you are advised to inform the police immediately.