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Indian Navy Deploys Warships To Thwart Piracy Attack And Rescues Pak Nationals

Another daring operation was carried out by the Indian Navy. Indian Navy has effectively repelled pirate attacks in the Arabian Sea. A 12-hour-long anti-piracy operation rescued 23 Pakistani nationals, including a hijacked Iranian fishing vessel. Indian Navy rescued 23 Pakistanis after foiling armed men's attack on Iranian fishing vessel Al-Qanbar in Arabian Sea. On the evening of Friday, March 28, an Iranian ship passing through Socotra near Yemen was hijacked by nine armed pirates.

As soon as the information about this incident was received, the Indian Navy acted proactively. The Indian Navy dispatched two guided missile warships – ANS Sumedha and INS Trishul – to free the hijacked ship. Yemen's Houthi rebels have deployed two warships in the area to target attacks on cargo ships. Within hours, the Indian Navy swung into action after approaching the hijacked vessel.

Navy officials located the ship about 90 nautical miles southwest of Socotra, a Yemeni island in the Indian Ocean. Nine armed pirates made sure it was licked. By intercepting the hijacked ship, the hijackers were given a warning and Marcos commandos landed. After a brief resistance, the nine hijacked bandits surrendered before the commandos. Indian Navy officials said that they will be detained and interrogated and legal action will be taken.