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Director Sai Rajesh Opens Up on Working with Mega Heroes!

Director Sai Rajesh has become a prominent name in the Telugu film industry with his recent hit, 'Baby.' Known for introducing unique concepts and working with offbeat actors like Sampoornesh Babu in films like 'Hrudaya Kaleyam,' Sai Rajesh gained national acclaim with 'Color Photo.' Despite the success, Rajesh prefers to steer clear of mainstream mega heroes.

In a recent interview, Sai Rajesh revealed his reluctance to work with big stars. "I respect the Mega family like my own, but getting a chance with them isn't my priority. I know the reality; once a big hero steps on set, the atmosphere changes, and I feel like I lose control over the project," he expressed. Despite pressure from producers to cast a star in his next project, Rajesh is hesitant, fearing it might compromise his creative freedom.

Rajesh plans to continue making films with lesser-known actors. "Telling stories is what I love, and I am content as long as I can do that. Climbing the industry ladder isn't my goal," he said. Rajesh is currently working on two love stories that he believes will be his best work yet.