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Nara Lokesh's Plans for a Tech Hub in Visakhapatnam After Winning Elections

In a vigorous rally at the MR Stadium in Vizianagaram, Nara Lokesh, the National General Secretary of the TDP, energized the crowd with promises of a brighter future for Visakhapatnam. He criticized the current government's handling of the state's capitals and vowed to transform Visakhapatnam into a thriving IT hub upon gaining power. Lokesh accused the current administration, led by Jagan Mohan Reddy, of squandering public funds, particularly highlighting a controversial 'palace' built at Rushikonda with exorbitant costs that could have been better spent on housing for the needy in Vizianagaram district.

Lokesh further lambasted the government for not fostering job creation or industrial growth in Northern Andhra, despite pre-election promises. The TDP leader pledged that his government would focus on genuine development, scrutinize the legality of the Rushikonda palace, and utilize every resource for the public's benefit, aiming to correct the alleged misuse of funds under the current regime.