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Close Call at Heathrow: Two Planes Collide on Runway

In a heart-stopping moment at London's Heathrow Airport, what could have been a major disaster was narrowly avoided. Two airplanes, in a rare runway rendezvous, made unexpected contact. Fortunately, this incident ended without any harm to the passengers, leaving everyone involved breathing a sigh of relief.

The incident occurred when a Boeing 787-9, belonging to Virgin Atlantic, had just completed its journey and was being moved to another location. During this maneuver, it came into contact with a British Airways aircraft near the terminal. The slight brush resulted in minor damage to the wings of both aircraft. British Airways has announced alternative arrangements for the passengers affected by this incident.

A video capturing this incident has gone viral on the internet, drawing various reactions from netizens. The quick response and professional handling of the situation by the airport staff and airline crews have been commended, highlighting the importance of stringent safety measures in averting potential disasters.


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