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"MLC Kavitha's Judicial Custody Extended in Delhi Liquor Policy Case"

Hey everyone! 📰 Big news coming in! MLC Kavitha's judicial custody related to the Delhi liquor policy case has come to an end today. However, ED officials presented her at the Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi, where the court has decided to extend her judicial custody once again.

The court has extended her judicial custody until the 23rd of this month. During the court proceedings, arguments continued with the ED requesting an extension of the custody. Kavitha's lawyer argued that there are no new grounds for extending the custody and expressed confusion over the ED's insistence on the extension. Kavitha has expressed her desire to speak directly to the court about the case. Despite requesting just two minutes to speak, the court mentioned that there's no rule against the accused speaking and suggested filing an application for the same. However, the court denied permission for Kavitha to speak, a privilege that was previously granted to Kejriwal but not in Kavitha's case. Yet, with the judge's permission, Kavitha's husband Anil and uncle Ramakishan Rao were able to meet her in court. Kavitha stated that she had said all she needed to and claimed that a false case had been lodged against her. She also mentioned that CBI officials had questioned her in Tihar Jail.