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"Chair Fold Dance Craze: Mahesh Babu and Sri Leela’s Song Captivates Global Audiences"✨🎵

🎉 It’s a global dance fever, folks! The song "Kurchi Madathapette" from the movie "Guntur Karam," featuring superstar Mahesh Babu and young sensation Sri Leela, is creating waves far beyond Tollywood. Already smashing records on YouTube, this energetic track combines catchy lyrics and mass dance steps with Sri Leela’s glamour to capture the hearts of audiences everywhere.

What’s even more exciting is how this song has reached the African continent, with Instagram reels showing African kids dancing to the beat with such enthusiasm, they could easily be mistaken for the stars themselves. In a recent flash mob event in Houston, USA, the song was a major hit, and now, these talented Ugandan kids have taken social media by storm with their version of the dance.

Remember "Butta Bomma" from "Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo"? It went viral with celebrities and people from various countries joining the trend. "Kurchi Madathapette" is following suit, with many celebrities and even cricketers making reels. Now, it’s these kids adding their unique flavor, making the dance a viral sensation. Don’t miss out – go watch their amazing dance skills light up your feed! 🕺💃