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Australian Vets Use Apple Watches for Wildlife Monitoring

The craze for Apple Watches is spreading far and wide, and it's not just humans who are benefiting from this tech marvel. Recently, in Australia, veterinarians have started using Apple Watches to monitor the health of wildlife. These watches, usually seen on human wrists, are now playing a crucial role in animal care, providing valuable health data just as they do for humans.

In Australia, veterinarians are using Apple Watches to keep an eye on the health of various animals in the wild. For instance, a few days ago, they fitted an Apple Watch on an elephant's ear to monitor its heart rate. The doctors found the device extremely helpful in tracking the elephant's health in real-time. Following this success, the vets are now preparing to use Apple Watches on lions.

To monitor a lion's health, the vets had to sedate it and then attach the Apple Watch to its tongue. This innovative method allows them to continuously track the lion's heart rate and other vital signs. An Australian vet shared this interesting development on Instagram, highlighting the significant role Apple Watches are playing in animal health monitoring.