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Packaged Juice Warning ICMR Warns Against Health Risks

In recent years, the trend of drinking packaged juices has been increasing in India. Various brands of fruit juices are available in the market, and people enthusiastically purchase and consume them. However, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has now clarified that canned juices are not good for health. According to ICMR, these juices often contain artificial flavors instead of real fruit juice, and they are high in sugar.

Packaged juices are easily available and are often labeled as healthy, leading people to believe they are beneficial. Urban populations, in particular, prefer these juices. However, these canned beverages can significantly harm your health. Health policy expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar explains that various artificial flavors are added to these juices, and they are marketed as natural. In reality, they contain artificial sugar, which is not good for health.

To enhance the fruit flavor, sugar corn syrup, which includes fructose, is added to canned juices. This can damage liver health, contributing to the growing issue of fatty liver, even in children. Packaged juices are a major factor behind the rise in fatty liver cases.

Dr. Anshuman further warns that consuming packaged juices can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, heart diseases, dementia, brain fog, and even cancer. He refers to these juices as expensive poisons that harm health in multiple ways. People are advised to stop consuming canned juices immediately.

The sugar content in packaged juices significantly increases the risk of insulin resistance, leading to diabetes. Additionally, numerous chemicals are added to these juices to prolong their shelf life, which are also harmful to health. Dr. Anshuman suggests that eating fruits is far more beneficial than drinking their juices. Hence, people should try to eat fruits instead of relying on fruit juices.

ICMR highlights that attractive labeling on food products and fruit juices draws consumer attention, leading to purchases. Despite being easily available, these canned juices are not as healthy as believed. Labels claiming health benefits are misleading, as these juices lack essential nutrients. Doctors emphasize that nothing in canned juices matches the nutritional value advertised. Consumers are advised not to trust attractive labels and instead opt for whole fruits for better health.