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AP Politics EVM Tampering Allegations Stir Up Controversy

In Andhra Pradesh, the debate over EVM tampering continues to heat up. Former MLA Ravindranath's comments accusing Chandrababu Naidu of EVM tampering have sparked a storm. However, coalition leaders argue that tampering is impossible. Amidst YSRCP's devastating loss, various opinions are being voiced. YSRCP secured only 11 assembly and 4 Lok Sabha seats. YS Jagan and YSRCP leaders are shocked by the results. Jagan hinted that something happened but mentioned there was no evidence to support tampering claims. His statements suggesting EVM tampering have led other YSRCP leaders to follow suit. Social media is buzzing with varied news and videos about the election results, with many people sharing their views.

Former MLA Ravindranath Reddy accused Chandrababu of tampering with EVMs. He claimed that Chandrababu managed the system and tampered with EVMs in select booths. Ravindranath's statement about approaching the court has become a topic of discussion in political circles. BJP MLA Satyakumar strongly refuted YSRCP's EVM tampering allegations, stating that tampering is impossible. He added that questioning EVMs is akin to insulting the public. BJP MLA Adinarayana Reddy mocked YSRCP leaders, saying they speak differently when they win and lose. He questioned why these suspicions didn't arise when YSRCP won 151 seats previously.

Overall, the EVM tampering issue has become a hot topic in AP politics. While BJP MLAs dismiss YSRCP's allegations, doubts about EVM tampering persist, raising curiosity about future developments in this matter.