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Rahul Gandhi Accuses BJP of Stock Market Scam Calls for JPC Probe

In a sensational allegation, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of a major stock market scam. He questioned why Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah advised investors to invest in the stock market during their election campaigns. Rahul Gandhi demanded a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) investigation into this matter during his press conference on Thursday.

Rahul Gandhi expressed doubts about why investment advice was given to the five crore families who invest in the stock market. He questioned whether it is the job of Modi and Shah to give such advice. Gandhi also raised concerns about why both leaders gave interviews to a media group belonging to a business group under SEBI investigation, suggesting it was to manipulate the stock market.

Rahul Gandhi further questioned the BJP's connection to exit polls and the massive investments made by foreign fake investors in the stock markets a day before the election results were announced. He claimed that five crore investors who rely on their salaries for survival were exploited, with someone making billions out of this scam. Gandhi reiterated his call for a JPC probe, stating that both the Prime Minister and the Home Minister provided investment advice, thus warranting an investigation.

After the Lok Sabha election results, domestic stock markets hit new highs. On May 23, Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented that the stock markets would reach unprecedented levels. He also expressed confidence on June 4 that the BJP would achieve a record victory, resulting in new records for the stock market.