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🎬 Anand Deverakonda Shares Exciting Details about Gam gam Ganesha 🎥

Anand Deverakonda, who scored a blockbuster hit with the movie "Baby," is back with his latest film, "Gangam Ganesha." Directed by Uday Shetty and produced by Kedar Selagamsetty and Vamsi Karumanchi under the High Life Entertainment banner, this movie has Pragathi Srivastava and Nayan Sarika as the leading ladies. The film's trailer, teaser, and songs have already created a lot of buzz among the audience.

The pre-release event of "Gangam Ganesha" saw the attendance of National Crush Rashmika Mandanna as the chief guest, adding to the excitement. The fun interaction between Rashmika and Anand during the event went viral on social media, with Anand playfully teasing Rashmika with his questions.

As the movie gears up for its release on May 31, Anand has been busy with interviews, sharing interesting tidbits about his films and experiences. He revealed that both "Baby" and "Gangam Ganesha" came to him simultaneously, but the former required him to grow his hair and beard. Additionally, the set of "Baby" collapsed due to heavy rains, causing delays for "Gangam Ganesha."

Anand described "Gangam Ganesha" as a story revolving around themes of greed, fear, and conspiracy, set against the backdrop of Lord Vinayaka's idol. He mentioned that he loves crime comedies like "Swamy Ra Ra" and immediately thought of it when director Uday Shetty narrated the story. Although making people laugh is challenging, Anand was thrilled to take on the comedic timing required for the film.

On Rashmika’s recent comments at the pre-release event, Anand clarified that Rashmika has only attended two of his film promotions and that they are genuinely family friends. He expressed confusion over why she said he relies on her, emphasizing their familial bond.