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What Do the Yellow and White Lines on the Road Mean?

Ever wondered why there are yellow and white lines on the road? They have many meanings and convey important messages. While an ordinary person might not notice, these lines are crucial for drivers. Even drivers sometimes overlook their significance. However, understanding these lines can mean the difference between life and death. Let's decode the meanings of these lines and ensure our safety on the road.

1. Broken White Line

A broken white line means the road is divided into two lanes, with traffic moving in both directions. Drivers should stay on the left side of these lines. You can overtake other vehicles, but only when it's safe to do so.

2. Continuous White Line

A continuous white line indicates that all traffic should stay on the left. You cannot overtake or make a U-turn. It's a strict rule to ensure safety.

3. Broken Yellow Line

With a broken yellow line, you are allowed to overtake and make U-turns. It indicates a less restrictive zone where such maneuvers are considered safe.

4. Continuous Yellow Line

A continuous yellow line means the road is winding or has sharp turns. Crossing this line can result in penalties because it's dangerous. Parking alongside such lines is also prohibited to avoid accidents.

5. Double Continuous Lines

If there are double continuous lines, whether white or yellow, it means do not cross under any circumstances. These lines indicate areas prone to accidents, and crossing them is strictly forbidden.

Understanding these lines can save lives. Always pay attention and drive safely!