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An important note for devotees going to Srisailam.. Do you know this, those five days!

Huge arrangements are being made for Ugadi in Srisailam temple. Evo said that from the 6th to the 10th of the Ugadi Mahotsavam, all the devotees will have only decorative darshan of Swami for five days. Volunteers who provide services during Ugadi mahotsava are allotted service places through lottery system. As before, the lottery was drawn in the presence of representatives of voluntary service groups for transparency. Arrangements are being made for Ugadi Mahotsavam at Srisailam Devasthanam. Temple EVO Peddiraj held a coordination meeting with Karnataka and Maharashtra padayatra devotees. The Devasthanam will organize Ugadi Mahotsavam from April 6th to 10th. In this order, as thousands of devotees from the states of Karnataka and Maharashtra are likely to visit the site, they discussed the facilities provided by the devasthanam with representatives of padayatra devotee groups and voluntary service organizations from those areas.